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Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 book.) Michael Tse is one of the inheritors of the Kunlun Dayan Qigong healing skill and has helped many patients over the years.


Can anyone heal?

Michael Tse says, "I am asked this question over and over by strangers and students alike. My answer is always, 'Yes, anyone can transmit energy', but whether their energy is healthy energy is another issue. When our bodies are healthy and full of Qi, then the energy we transmit will be healthy. However, when we are not healthy, then the energy used in healing will be stale or sick energy and that can do the patient more harm than good."

"I see many people who do massage and who are very ill. The more massage they do, the more energy they use and the more ill they become. Of course, many people do not believe this and think the energy comes from outside of their bodies and that they are only a channel for outside Qi. But no skill is outside the law of nature. If I drink soup from a cup and then pour clean water into the same cup and offer it to someone else, they will still taste some of my soup. It is the same for our bodies. If we have any illness, then this will pass on to the patient even if we do not want it to. This is following the law of nature - cause and effect.."

How do we stay healthy while healing others?

So how could these Qigong healers in Chinese hospitals manage to stay healthy, sometimes treating many people for several hours a day? They do this by practising Qigong. When we are born, we have a certain amount of energy that is given to us. When we work, talk, eat and generally go about our life, then we use energy. However, when we practise Qigong, we release negative energy from the body and gather fresh Qi from nature. The more we practise, the more Qi we can gather. This is then stored in the Dantian.

Michael Tse says, "When my Qigong teacher, Grandmaster Yang Meijun, taught me healing, she said, 'The most important thing is to be healthy and the second thing is to recharge your energy (ie, after healing). She said that in Dayan Qigong system one of the reasons why a person was not supposed to heal or teach others until they were 70 years old was to make sure they were healthy and that they were not using their pre-natal Qi for healing others as this only would shorten their life Qi. Prenatal Qi is our life Qi and is the quota we are given by nature at birth. When we do Qigong, we create postnatal Qi, (Qi accumulated after birth). Sifu said that this postnatal Qi is the Qi we want to use when healing not our life force Qi. To do this, we have to keep recharging this Qi, just like a rechargeable battery."

"In the Kunlun Dayan Qigong tradition, we heal only when we are healthy and we become healthy through our Qigong practise. When we heal, we then use our Qigong practise to clean up ourselves and get rid of the sick Qi that we take on from the patient. I know many people do not believe that we exchange Qi when healing, saying that we only act as a channel. But ask yourself, how do you feel when you are talking on the phone with someone who keeps is upset or depressed. Of course, you feel tired and this is without having even touched that person. When we talk, when we look or when we touch, then we exchange energy. So when we do healing, we are opening up ourselves and giving the patient our own Qi. At the same time, they are releasing their sick Qi which we will pick up because we are more healthy than them. "

In China, Qigong healers in the Qigong hospitals would practise for many hours a day to maintain their high Qi level. They would even use an electronic monitor to see how much Qi they could transmit. If it was too low, they were sent out to practise more.

Qi is like money in a bank account. If you keep making withdrawals, then the balance will drop. When we do healing or even working, reading, watching tv, using the computer, then we use Qi. However, when we gather and conserve the energy, then it like earning interest and we will have more.


Diagnosis & Healing

He said, "I use diagnosis, energy transmission and sometimes massage to help the patient. Afterwards I show them some simple Qigong exercises which they can then practise on their own. By practising on their own, they will build up their own energy rather than relying solely on me. Even in China, it is the same. In this way, a person can help heal themselves and know how to make themselves healthy for the future. They then know not only how to go to the market to buy the fish, but how to go fishing as well."



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