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History of the Tse Qigong Centre


In order to help promote the traditional Chinese skills that he learned, in 1990 Master Michael Tse founded the Tse Qigong Centre.  He says about this, "There are many different styles of Qigong and martial arts, but I wanted the things that I taught to be under the umbrella of the Tse Qigong Centre. This also gave my students something that they could call their own. Over the years, the Centre has come to mean more than an umbrella for skill. It is like a family. Anyone who studies with myself or my students becomes part of the Centre."


Most people, when they begin to study, do not think about anything but learning some skill. Maybe they do not even know much about this skill. Perhaps they have been referred to the class by a friend or have read something in a magazine. However, when you know more about the history and culture of whatever you are studying, then the more you will appreciate that skill. There is not always time in classes to talk about the history or the principles behind the movements and forms. 


Qi Magazine


For this Master Tse created Qi Magazine. The magazine offers lots of knowledge on many different aspects of Chinese culture, not only on martial arts and Qigong. It also is an opportunity for students and others to introduce different skills and ideas to a wider audience.  Maybe in the beginning some will not understand or be interested in everything in the magazine. But the more you learn, the more you can understand and appreciate the articles. The magazine will also let you know what courses and seminars are happening in the Centre.

Michael Tse says, "Whoever studies with me, becomes a member of the Tse Qigong Centre. By paying a annual registration fee, they receive a one-year subscription to Qi Magazine, a Centre polo shirt and reduced merchandise and seminar fees. I have also introduced the polo shirts for my members. The reason for this was that once when I was visiting the Shaolin Temple to do an interview with the Abbott, I saw that all the students were wearing t-shirts for their individual school. When they were all demonstrating together, they looked very professional. It also showed their identity within the temple. So the polo shirts are a way of my students saying they belong to the Tse Qigong Centre, whether it be in class or outside. I want my students to be proud that they belong to the Tse Qigong Centre, just as I am proud to be a student of my Sifus."

Master Tse & instructors of the Tse Qigong Centre
Master Tse & instructors of the Tse Qigong Centre

"I can say that my students are very lucky. I have always had to travel to China and elsewhere in the world to study, but because my teachers were the best in their field, I felt it was worth it. It is not often that quality lands at your doorstep and so we have to be willing to make an effort. I still continue to visit my teachers every year as well, travelling a long way."

So the skill that students learn is of the highest quality and is directly from the source. Often the forms taught are rare, even in China and only Master Tse's teachers know them. In addition, the exercises that Master Tse has created, like Balancing Gong and Healthy Living Gong, are unique and belong to the Tse Qigong Centre.  Michael Tse says, "When I pass on, I want my students to be able to carry on and the Centre to keep growing. This is their inheritance from me."


North America

In 1999, Master Tse decided to open another Centre in North America and chose Seattle, Washington. A short while later this relocated to Hawaii where he taught for six years before moving back to England in early 2007. Master Tse says, "I have found that the Centre has grown stronger as well as more international since I lived overseas. I have seen my instructors mature since they took over classes in my absence and I have also seen the class students grow closer and more compassionate in helping each other."

"I miss all of my students when I am not with them but I am happy to see them grow. In this way, the Tse Qigong Centre can carry on to the next generations. This is my dream to see more people healthy and benefit from the skills I have learned."



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