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Qi Magazine Articles by Michael Tse

For almost 20 years Master Tse  not only published his own magazine, he was also been a regular columnist for Combat and also written a number of books on Qigong, Wing Chun and Taijiquan. As a result he has written a vast number of articles which have been well received by readers all around the world.

He writing has helped people to deepen their knowledge and their own practise of the Chinese arts and have also inspired people to move on to another level. Some people have even travelled from overseas to study with him and continue to come back after many years.

One of the amazing things about Chinese arts is the fact they are all linked together and this is because they all come from the same root - Chinese culture. Master Tse's articles highlight this and help to open the doors to this ancient wisdom.

We have now categorised all his articles from the 90 issues of Qi Magazine which you can now read in pdf format.

As you can imagine the vast collection of articles it is taking some time to put everything online and so the content is under construction. Please keep checking back as the links become live.







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