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Wild Goose Qigong Instructors Course 2012


Seven days, sixteen nations, one goal - it almost sounds like the Olympics. Yes, some similarities. People from all corners of the world gathered together. However we were not competing against each other. There were no losers. We were competing against ourselves. Our goal was to improve ourselves and support and help each other. It was time for the annual Tse Qigong Centre Qigong and Chun Yuen Quan instructor course. It was time to refine and polish the skills we all love so much.

Photo: Instructors Group 2012The opening ceremony was at the local Chinese restaurant. It was like a big family reunion. Familiar faces you haven't seen for a while, and many new faces to get to know. The course started with a bang. The first four days were dedicated to Qigong, and Tse Sifu said that he was there for us, and he would do what he can to help us develop. He gave us the options of deciding between starting testing already the first day or start polishing as usual. The majority voted for testing. Quite a few were surprised by this and would rather see that we started polishing. However, it turned out that testing the first day was a brilliant idea. By doing this everybody found out about what level they were on and what to work on later. At the end of the day we all relaxed with a written test. After all this is an instructor course. To be a good teacher it is not enough just to know a form or two. You also need to have good knowledge and correct thinking. You should know the history of the skill. You should know what it is good for. You should know its principles. You should also have some basic knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine, and of course as an instructor you should know how the admin works in the Centre.

The next day was dedicated to polishing. Tse Sifu demonstrated form after form to show us what we should be aiming for. Relaxation, posture, move from the waist, acupuncture points, and move from inside. Mind and body come together and become one. It is a long journey, but we are all so incredible lucky to have such a great compass as Tse Sifu to show us the direction. Between each form demonstrated an endless flow of questions were raised to clarify the Photo Watching Master Tse
Tor Arne Oigard


Students Comments:

Its been a great course.  I appreciated the way the course was run this year and feel I have learnt so much about the skill from everyone.
My level really came along and in particular I feel like I had to take my healthy living gong part three completely to pieces and build it back up again with a more correct understanding. Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow and move forward.
Lee Baylis.

photo Enjoying a Chinese MealIan and I have both increased our skills and understanding. We have really enjoyed the process and appreciate the development of our understanding of the layers of learning within all of the forms.
The  supportive atmosphere encourages trying and unlimited testing opportunities reduces the stress and allows you to aim to get to the highest level possible before the test. We both really appreciate the skills of our Sigong and all the other teachers he has trained. We also enjoy the companionship of our international Qigong family. Thank you everyone.
Ian and Alison, Australia.
Cat B, Coventry.

Photo: Master Tse gives the group valuable knowledgeThanks for a great course. My second time on the teaching course and while I really enjoyed the first one I feel that I've learned more this time. Both the testers and the polishers were really helpful.  Thanks for the invite and for helping me improve the quality of my Qigong.
Alan, London.

Thanks for a really enjoyable time here at Harper Adams, as usual I have learned a lot,polished and relaxed,I thought the new format worked well and the movie is always a bonus.
Richard Chester class.

What an excellent course, didn't really know what to expect being my first time on the instructor course. However, the experience was very enlightening and I quickly realised the high standards required to pass the forms. The testers and the tutors and all the participants were excellent sport and it's always fun to catch to up on previous friends. Thank you so much TaiTai Sigong and Sitai for the invite, lots of warmth and appreciation.
Salim Coventry class.

Very enjoyable course and lots of help polishing and much to work on when I get home. Lovely to be back together as a family learning and growing together. Thank you Sigong and Sitai and all seniors.

photo: Stretching togetherEvery time I look at the mountain it gets bigger.... more awesome and more beautiful. Thank you Sifu, and everyone, for an inspiring course. It was great to see everyone again.
Peter Andersen, Denmark 

What a wonderful course. For the first time I really felt the flow that comes from truly relaxing into the forms. Best wishes and long life,

Thanks again Tai Sigong and Sitai for a wonderful course. I feel that my learning takes a great leap forward everytime I attend such an event. Many thanks,

A wonderful course thank-you.  So much benefit.  I'll do my best to carry it well.
All My Best,
Brian Edgar
I want to thank you Tai Sigong for being who you are and teaching us so much in so many different ways that brings something to everyone.
Thank you also Sitai for all your hard work and thank you to all the instructors for their kindness and patience.

Thanks so much for a great first instructor's seminar. I don't remember now what my expectations were before I got here, but they've definitely been exceeded.
And thanks as well for asking me to play a few songs. It felt good to be able to give back a bit, and to contribute to the good experience.
Hope to see you soon.

This was my first instructor course in lovely Shropshire. Testing on the first day was just wonderful, because it shows you right away where your level is so you got all the coming days to improve. It is  a great feeling to be part of the Tse Qigong family where you get a lot of support on your way up to becoming a good Sifu. Thank you very much for making this happen.

photo: Polishing MovementsAfter this seminar it seems that qigong is an infinite puzzle that keeps getting more complex as you are adding to your knowledge. During the last couple of days I have been able to find and place more pieces in this intriguing puzzle, something for which I am really grateful. Thank you for sharing your precious skill and for the very fine organizing of the seminar.
Fantastic to meet everybody!

It has been really good to learn more of the detail, meaning and energy of all the Qigong movements, from balancing gong onwards. The course was very smooth and everybody seem very focused and happy. Being able to help others improve and see them improve has also helped me improve, so I am very grateful to be able to do that. Thank you so much Sigong and Sitai for an excellent course and for all your hard work in organising it.

It was a happy and relaxing time with probably the smoothest course ever which lead to good feeling and energy throughout leaving a nice environment to learn and help the furtherment of knowledge and skill for all. Thank you for the time and work that made this so.
Martin Gale

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and the amazing polishing I have received which has helped me to understand my forms better, and see more detail.  Spending time with all my wonderful and positive Qigong brothers and sisters makes me look forward to coming back next year.  Thank you for such a wonderful course. 

Challenging, exciting, rewarding, many more positive adjectives I could add.
Superbly organised. All those hours of practising on the big lawn surrounded by those beautiful trees are just bliss.
Many thanks to my Sigong and Sitai for making it possible. 

What a treat to spend so many days polishing Qigong.  Working with other members of the family was so helpful and Sigong's teaching inspiring.  So important for us all to come together.  Lots to work on during year.  Many, many thanks,

photo: Working on Healthy Living Gong IIIMore polishing and corrections to bring us all to another Qigong level. What a privilege to be part of this family to be allowed to join in. I enjoyed the whole seminar also to meet friends I have not seen for a while. Thank you Sifu and Simo for organising everything. 


Thank you for a fantastic instructors course, I have so much food for thought and many good memories to take away with me. A real treat.
Peter B

Thank-you Sifu. A very inspiring course, with lots of attention to detail.

This year the course was even smoother than last year. It seemed that we accomplished a great deal during the action-packed days and that we went very deeply into some of the forms.  I loved the way things were organized and feel very honoured to be able to help out at times.  Thank you so much Sigong and Sifu for all that you do to help us be healthy.
Lee M

This was the best instructor course ever!  Everyone was relaxed even though it was all very intense.   


I find attending these courses is not just about keeping the Wild Goose Qigong and Chun Yuen Quan skills polished.  A very big part of it is meeting up with the many friends from all over the world who make up the Tse Qigong Centre family.  Thank you Sifu and Sigong for providing this opportunity to help us develop and deepen our skills.  It was a very enjoyable time.

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