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26.02.13 15:20 Age: 4 yrs

NEW DVD: Wing Chun Chi Sau


Wing Chun Chi Sau teaches the student how to develop and use their Wing Chun skill is a everchanging spontaneous sitution.



photo Chi Sau DVDWithout good Chi Sau your Wing Chun cannot be good. Master Tse is a highly skilled exponent of Wing Chun. His skill in Chi Sau incredibly high as is his skill in teaching it.

Over the years, Master Tse has often talked about making a DVD on Chi Sau. Now that long wait will soon be over as this is now in production. Full details are not available yet. We do know that it will cater for both beginners and advanced students and will be packed with valuable knowledge about this profound Wing Chun training method.


To see some videos of Master Tse doing Chi Sau click below:


 Link to Chi Sau videos


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