Tse Qigong Centre

Seminar Detail

Wing Chun Instructors Course
January 28 - 29

photo Wing Chun Instructor Course
By Invitation only.

If someone tries to teach too early, they will not have a deep enough well to draw from. Because of this, they will have to try and make things up or may even mix it up the forms with other skills or knowledge and this will only dilute the skill. Sometimes, they may even give up. In any case, it is not good for the person, the skill or their students. With the Tse Qigong Centre, it is only after three year's study that a student can be nominated to attend a Tse Qigong Centre Instructor Course. This nomination comes from a student's Sifu (teacher) who has determined not only that this person has a good level of skill, but also that they have a good heart and are loyal. It is these last two things that are considered the most important because without a good heart and loyalty, any skill will be limited and will eventually even diminish.  


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