Tse Qigong Centre

Seminar Detail

Hard Qigong Level II Test
November 02

Time: 1pm to 4pm 

Open to those members who studied Hard Qigong Level II at the courses held in Sept 2012 and Feb 2013.

Testing will include the 15 additional movements taught in Hard Qigong Level II - Part I/Part II





Seminar Fees to be advised

*CHEQUES must be received at least 10 days in advance of seminar and CREDIT CARD payments at least 7 days in advance of the seminar.  Any payments received after this WILL INCUR A £20 late fee.

NOTE: If wanting to pay on the day, cash only will be accepted. However, this must be arranged in advance with the Tse Qigong Centre. Otherwise you will not receive discounted seminar fee.



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