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Most people, when they begin studying with the Tse Qigong Centre, are doing so because they want to be healthy or learn some self defence and the thought of being an instructor is not their primary concern. Michael Tse says, "Once we learn the movement we need to let the skill sink into our minds, our muscles and our bones. As the body becomes healthier, the mind will also become more settled and as the Qi develops, movements become more internal and connected. But this all takes time."

"I would say that people do not really begin to start understanding the skill they have studied until after a few years. This is because they are too busy learning and remembering the forms. It is only after we have been practising forms that we know and are familiar that we really begin to develop. It is then we can begin to understand the principles of the skill. When we begin to understand principle, our level starts to become deeper."

He continues,




Three Years - Good Heart & Loyalty

Learning Chi Sau in class
Learning Chi Sau in class

If someone tries to teach too early, they will not have a deep enough well to draw from. Because of this, they will have to try and make things up or may even mix it up the forms with other skills or knowledge and this will only dilute the skill. Sometimes, they may even give up. In any case, it is not good for the person, the skill or their students.

With the Tse Qigong Centre, it is only after three year's study that a student can be nominated to attend a Tse Qigong Centre Instructor Course. This nomination comes from a student's Sifu (teacher) who has determined not only that this person has a good level of skill, but also that they have a good heart and are loyal. It is these last two things that are considered the most important because without a good heart and loyalty, any skill will be limited and will eventually even diminish.


Attending the Instructor Course

Instructors Course
Instructors Course


For any student to become our instructor, they must first attend the Tse Qigong Centre Instructor Course. An invitation to the course is not a qualification for teaching in itself. On the Instructor Course, a student will be tested on their forms, their knowledge and their presentation. It is an intensive time but also extremely satisfying.

Once qualified, the instructor must continue to attend Tse Qigong Centre Instructor Courses regularly to maintain the quality of their skill and keep their qualifications. Should an instructor fail to renew their certificate in the specified time, they may lose their qualifications for teaching.

Qualified Instructors  

All Tse Qigong Centre authorised instructors maintain their instructor status by attending our instructor courses regularly as merely being in possession of a certificate does not necessarily mean that an instructor has maintained an up-to date qualification.

Some previously qualified instructors may no longer be with the Tse Qigong Centre and are no longer qualified by us to teach skill learned from the Tse Qigong Centre. All our authorised instructors are listed on our authorised class pages.

If you are in doubt about whether a person is a qualified Tse Qigong Centre instructor, you may contact us for further information or search through our authorised classes listings.

Michael Tse says, "I want people to know that Tse Qigong Centre instructors have good quality skill and that this skill continues to be developed. Our instructors do not pass a form only once. He or she must pass a form over consecutive years and this same form can be checked again and again should it be deemed necessary. Actually, our instructors are happy for this as they also want to pass on the good quality skill to their own students."

Some comments from instructors:


"The instructors' course was a great experience for me : lots of learning, good companionship and less anxiety about remembering everybody's name and passing several forms. I like to be part of this large group, with such diverse backgrounds and personalities, assembled on those big lawns and all focused on the same objective : improving their skills."

Marie Ball - Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK.


"A little slice of heaven, it was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones. It was a pleasure to see so many people come together and help each other to deepen their skills and achieve their best. The cares and strains of the past year melted away and I slept peacefully for the first time in months."

Paolo Zanoni - Swindon, UK.


"The experience of instructors is so intense - so much teaching and so much learning - from such a generous and gifted lot of teachers as well as from Tse Sigong.  Living a long way away from the centre makes this week especially precious and I feel I come away bearing a treasure chest of learning and companionship to last through the coming months.  So good to come back to the class in New Zealand with fresh insights to share too."

Cynthia Shaw - Wellington, New Zealand.


"I feel my Qigong rose another level this year after attending the instructors course. Senior instructors polished forms with juniors in very fine detail. The tests were demanding as Sifu challenged us to raise our levels. I feel this happened as everyone helped, questioned and advised one another on each others forms. There was plenty of laughter as jokes were shared and some friendly Chi Sau that made everyone laugh."

Peadar Hanratty - Co Waterford, Rep Ireland.


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