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Friday 24. of April 2015 Wing Chun Residential Course 2015

For Wing Chun fans this is the undeniable highlight of the year: Leaving the stressful normal life, travelling to the country side of Shropshire and entering the Wing Chun bubble.

Friday 24. of April 2015 New Video: Three Dantians Pt1

Master Tse's has a vast depth of knowledge of Qigong. He is able to simply explain some very profound concepts, which are important to know if you want a good understanding of your practice.

Friday 17. of April 2015 New Video: Wing Chun Doctor pt2

Master Tse has a vast experience of Wing Chun. He is always willing to share this knowledge with all this students.

Friday 10. of April 2015 New Video: Wild Goose - Developing Skill pt2

Whilst teaching Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 in Rome in 2010, Master Tse not only explained the basics and expanded on the intricacies of the movements, he also explained how he has developed from his many years experience.

Thursday 02. of April 2015 Enlightenment Gong London

Master Tse continued teaching Enlightenment Gong in London. It is an intricate and very long form, that has had students hooked for many years now.

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