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Friday 20. of November 2015 New Video: High Level People pt3

Everybody who studies Qigong and Martial Arts dreams of reaching a high level of skill. Some people are more successful than others. There are many things which can contribute to the outcome.

Tuesday 17. of November 2015 Important Announcement for Members

Could all members of the Tse Qigong Centre make note of the following announcement.

Friday 13. of November 2015 Master Tse's Manchester Seminar

9th of November 2015 is a date I won’t forget for a long time, not only was it the day of another awesome seminar in Manchester with my Sifu Darryl Moy and Sigong Michael Tse, but for me it was also the first time my students met...

Friday 13. of November 2015 Chun Yuen Instructors Course 2015

This year has been the 25th Anniversary year of the Tse Qigong Centre. However, last weekend saw the very first Chun Yuen Instructors Course being held in London.

Friday 13. of November 2015 New Video: Touching Hands pt1

It is all too easy to get used to training with your classmates and get used to training against your own style.

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