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Friday 18. of April 2014 New Video: Qigong - Love & Depression Pt2

In this lecture Master Tse explains how our emotions always have two sides and how they effect us and also how Qigong can help us balance them.


Monday 14. of April 2014 Good Bye Ah Pui, Terence

Master Tse's tribute to his Kung Fu brother Terrence Yip.

Monday 14. of April 2014 Sifu Terrence Yip Pui Paases Away

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the passing of Sifu Terrence Yip Pui.

Friday 11. of April 2014 New Video: Wing Chun Legacy part 6

In September 2013 Master Tse took a group of students to visit his teacher, Grandmaster Ip Chun to join him in celebrating his 90th birthday. He was joined by thousands of people who celebrated his life and the his tireless...

Friday 11. of April 2014 2014 Wing Chun Residential Course

Wing Chun Residential Courses are always so much fun! On this year’s course Master Tse covered all the elements of Wing Chun, plus there were so many hands and plenty of time for Chi Sau.

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