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Friday 29. of April 2016 Go To Hong Kong and China 2016

Good news. We will be going to Hong Kong and Foshan (South China) to celebrate your Sigong/Tai Sigong's 92 Birthday from 21 to 31st August 2016! Not only that, but I have been speaking to him and he will teach a special seminar...

Friday 29. of April 2016 New Video: Tsum Kiu - Principles & Applications pt3

The second form of, Wing Chun, Tsum Kiu trains different aspects of the skill to Siu Lim Tao. There is a specific emphasis on the form and the stage in training it represents.

Friday 22. of April 2016 Basic Yijing Part 2

Master Tse recently continued teaching the basics of the Yijing to a group of very enthusiastic students.

Friday 22. of April 2016 Green Dragon and White Crane Sword

Green Dragon Sword and White Crane Sword are two of the most advanced sword forms in the Chu Yuen system. Master Tse has been teaching a number of students over many years and recently taught another seminar where some new...

Friday 22. of April 2016 New Video: The Process of Relaxation pt4

See part 4 of this video series on YouTube.

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