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Friday 22. of July 2016 New Video: Chun Yuen Quan - Shaolin Staff Warm Ups

Shaolin Kung Fu is famous for its high level staff skill. As Chun Yuen Quan is part of this heritage it is no exception. The first Staff Form is Damo Staff, named after the famous Indian monk Damo.

However, before learning this...

Friday 15. of July 2016 New Video: Wing Chun Res 2015 - Wing Chun Pole pt2

Wing Chun has two weapons. The Wing Chun Knives and the Wing Chun Six and Half Point Pole. To train the pole takes a lot of effort as it is very long and heavy. As a result not many people train it today as it is not easy to find...

Friday 08. of July 2016 New Video: Qigong Fundamental Concepts pt1

Qigong has a very long history and is much more than just a moving and breathing. There are many concepts, theories and philosophies that underlie the practise and it is important to understand fundamental concepts to fully...

Friday 08. of July 2016 Master Tse's Seminars in Hawaii

It has been about 7 years since Master Tse (Sifu) has last been to Hawaii and up until this year only one of my students had the opportunity to meet him in person. So, not surprisingly, the rest of my students eagerly awaited...

Friday 01. of July 2016 Master Tse's Cambridge Seminar

On 17th June Tse Sifu returned to Cambridge to give a class seminar. This visit had been eagerly awaited for a number of months and excitement was high, students had travelled from Birmingham and Beccles, as well as the areas...

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