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Friday 22. of May 2015 25 Anniversary Demo - Chapter Three– Spectaular fights, Hard Qigong and Qi Transmission

The first group performance came next in the form of the Cambridge group demonstrating the effectiveness of Taijiquan as a martial art.

Friday 22. of May 2015 New Video: 25th Anniversary Demo pt2

See more performances from this special occasion. Heatlhy Living Gong, Chen Double Broadswords and White Monkey Staff!

Friday 15. of May 2015 New Video: 25th Anniversary Demo pt1

The 25th Anniversary Demo was a very special occasion. The performances, the atmosphere and also the bond between students made the day a truly memorable time. Now you can all enjoy the sights and spectacle of the day.

Friday 15. of May 2015 25 Anniversary Demo - Chapter two – The performance

With everyone in their seats and the big hand of the clock on the 12, it was time to begin. Peter and myself opened the demonstration by means of an introduction as the self-styled “Ant and Dec” of the Tse Qigong Centre.

Friday 08. of May 2015 25th Anniversary Demo

Every story has a beginning, some stories are short, others are longer, more engaging and have many characters and chapters. The Tse Qigong Centre story began 25 years ago with a simple idea to promote traditional Chinese skill....

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