Tse Qigong Centre

Wednesday 22. of June 2016 Tse Qigong Centre Picnic Cancelled

Due to unforseen cirmcumstances this year's picnic has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Friday 17. of June 2016 Miju Quan and Plum Blossom Gong in Tromso

Master Tse recenly returned from Norway where he has been teaching Plum Blossom Gong and Miju Quan.

Friday 17. of June 2016 New Video: The Process of Relaxation pt6

See part 6 of this video series on YouTube.

Friday 10. of June 2016 North American Instructors Course

This was no ordinary week. It never is an ordinary week when Master Tse (Sigong) comes to visit.

Friday 10. of June 2016 New Video: Wing Chun Res 2015 - Chi Sau pt2

Chi Sau is the core part of Wing Chun. During training you learn how to apply all the techniques and a fluid and natural way. This video series was taken during the 2015 Wing Chun Residential Course where Master Tse taught...

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