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Tuesday 29. of November 2016 Special Classes for the end of 2016

For the last classes of 2016, Master Tse will be teaching some special classes where you can try some different & exciting forms.

Friday 25. of November 2016 Master Tse's Manchester Seminar

Master Tse once again returned to Manchester and was greeted by a lot of familiar faces and a large number of new ones was well.

It is always a treat when Master Tse returns to Manchester and we never know exactly what he will...

Friday 25. of November 2016 Chun Yuen Quan Instructors Course

Instructors course are always an important event. Not only do we have the chance to gain and improve our teaching skills and knowledge, but we have the chance to gather together and bond as a group. Teaching the skill with the...

Friday 25. of November 2016 New Video: Discussing Siu Lim Tao pt1

During his visit to Australia in 2015, Master Tse gave a private lesson to some of his Wing Chun students and grandstudents.

During the lesson he answered many of their questions regarding Siu Lim Tao and cleared up many of...

Friday 18. of November 2016 Denmark Seminars 2016

It is always exciting when Sifu/Sigong comes to visit. Everyone who had been studying Triple Crossing Spiral Gong in recent seminars was eagerly anticipating the chance to polish what they had learnt and hopefully have some new...

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