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Sunday 25. of January 2015 Master Tse on Channel 4

Master Tse has just finished his appearance on the Channel 4 TV show Sunday Brunch.

Friday 23. of January 2015 New Video: Horse Stance and the Essence of Qi pt6

Ma Bo or Horse Stance is a very important exercise in both Qigong and martial arts training.

Friday 16. of January 2015 New Video: Good Kung Fu Pt12

There are many good styles of Kung Fu. What determines whether a style is good or not? Is it simply that it is good for fighting, or is there more than that?

Monday 15. of December 2014 2014 Christmas Party

It is good have a good ending. The Christmas Party is the ending of this year’s teaching and a break for the centre and the students, although we are still working some admin and Qi Magazine, but I do not need to go out to teach.

Friday 12. of December 2014 2014 Chi Sau Day

Chi Sau Days are some of the best days. It is so important to touch as many hands as possible if you want you skill to develop.

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