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Dim Sum 點心


Here are the names of some some of the Dim Sum dishes so you can now order them for yourself. You can also download this page as a pdf to print out and take with you. All Chinese phonetics are in Cantonese. Click on the photo to enlarge.



Char Siu So (Barbecue Pork Pastry) 叉燒酥
Chiu Jou Fun Gua (Spicy Mixed Meat & Nut Dumpling) 潮州粉菓
Har Gau (Prawn Dumpling) 蝦餃
Ja Leung (Fried Bread Sticks wrapped in Thick Rice Noodle) 炸兩
Jiu Yim Sin Yau (Salt and Pepper Squid) 椒鹽鮮魷
Jun Ju Gei (Sticky Rice with Mixed Meats steamed in lotus leaf) 珍珠雞
Lai Won Bau (Egg Custard Buns) 奶皇飽
Lohan Jai Chow Mein (Mixed Vegetables with Fried Crispy Noodle) 羅漢齋抄麵
See Jiu Gei Kau Chow Haw (Rice Noodles with Chicken in Black Bean) 豉椒雞球抄河
See Yau Wong Chow Mein (Soya Sauce Fried Noodle) 豉油皇抄麵
Sin Juk Goon (Seafood and Pork rolls wrapped with Bean Curd Skin) 鮮竹卷
Siu Mai (Steamed Minced Pork Dumpling) 燒賣
Xing Jou Chow Mai (Singapore Noodle) 星州抄米
Yuet Lam Chun Goon (Vietnamese Spring Roll) 越南春卷

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