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The Tse Qigong Centre was founded by Michael Tse in 1990 to teach traditional Chinese skills. Classes with Master Tse are held in London. He teaches classes in Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong (Chi Kung), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chun Yuen Quan, Hard Qigong and Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). These five skills form the syllabus of the skills that are taught by the Tse Qigong Centre today. The Tse Qigong Centre also publishes books and DVDs on Qigong and Chinese martial arts.

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In Remebrance of Grandmaster Wu Chun Yuen





The 26 of February marks the anniversary
of the passing of Grandmaster Wu Chun Yuen
As a mark of respect for the profound skill he left us,
those of you who practise Chun Yuen
Quan please, give a thought for your Sigong/Tai


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